Design Elegante – Wedding Cake Alternatives

We have a fabulous new client who seems to want to break the mold on any predictable wedding day activities such as the traditional first dance with her groom, tossing her bouquet, and even cutting and serving a wedding cake.  Each vendor that we’ve referred her to has had the same response after meeting her, ‘What a fun bride!’  We’ve had so much fun coming up with alternatives that are anything but predictable and know that her guests will also enjoy a break from the traditional wedding day celebration just as much as her vendors will.  Recently we began talking about what and how dessert will be served to her guests and although I am going to refrain from divulging our final decision on what concept had her smiling from ear to ear, we thought that we’d share a few of the ideas that were tossed around during our brainstorming session that will surely ignite similar inspiration and uncontrollable grinning amongst our blog readers.  Enjoy!

Whoopie Pies & Milk – Image Credit

Freshly Spun Cotton Candy – Image Credit

Milkshakes & Ready-to-Dunk Cookies – Image Credit

Easily Passed & Eaten Miniature Desserts – Image Credit

Cake Shakes – Image Credit

Grab & Go Desserts on Sticks – Image Credit

Alternative Cupcakes (Cupcake Hamburgers with Sugar Fries Pictured) – Image Credit

Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches – Image Credit